1. Total land owned by the college 21052sq. mtr.
2. Whether the title of the land is on ownership or lease Lease basis 
3. Constructed Area of Land 1700sq. mtr.
4. Class Rooms 2
5. Play Ground One (16100sq.mtr.)
6. Multipurpose Room One
7. Multipurpose Hall One
8. Laboratory (Psychology) One
9. Laboratory1 (Science) One
10. Teaching Staff room One
11. Principal Room One
12. Administrative Room One
13. Common Room for Boys One
14. Common Room for Girls One
15. Store Room One
16. Library & Reading Room One
17. Sports store room One
18. Workshop One
19. Educational Technology (ET)/ICT Lab One
20. Toilets (Male/ Female) Three
21. Any other Room/Hall One
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